During competitive examination preparation, it takes enormous efforts and time on the part of a student to learn, practice and master the complete syllabus. At the final stage of preparation, every student feels the need of a Study Material which can help him/her to do Quick & Complete Revision of entire syllabus covering a variety of questions of various levels just before the final examination.

Ranker s Package (RP) has been designed keeping this requirement in mind. It helps the student through meticulously selected sets of questions covering the entire syllabus, touching very minute points of understanding.

Salient Features of Ranker’s Package:

  1. A meticulous collection of questions based on the application of fundamental covering the entire syllabus.
  2. Unit wise segregation of questions, for effective planning & learning.
  3. Questions are in the proportion of expected weightage of chapters in the forthcoming examination. According to the past trends and as envisaged by the experts.
  4. The book comprises a variety of questions allowing students to master the skills that is needed to solve such questions.
  5. The package also includes Answer Key & Solutions/Hint.
  6. This package is designed by faculty members of Career Point specifically to help students to polish their knowledge and problem-solving skills for the final examination. 

The students are advised to attempt and solve all questions sincerely. We hope this will immensely help a student in acquiring confidence and examination temperament to answer complex questions confidently. We are always ready to help you in clearing any doubts you may have during the course for your preparation.

Despite our best efforts to make this book error-free, some errors might have crept in, and we would appreciate if brought to our notice. All suggestions/criticisms from students/teachers will be heartily accepted and worked out.

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