Problem in Chemistry (Set of 3 Books) For IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced) is a collection of conceptual questions along with detailed solutions. These questions are thought-provoking and cover the application of various concepts in solving problems. Questions in this book are handpicked by experienced faculty members of Career Point to enhance the following skills of the students–

  1. Understanding of concepts and their application to the grass-root level.
  2. Improving their scoring ability & accuracy by providing an opportunity to practice a variety of questions.

The book approaches the subject in a very conceptual and coherent manner. Chapter-wise varieties of questions are arranged in a sequential manner to build a strong foundation of fundamentals. The coverage and features of books make it highly useful for all those preparing for JEE (Main & Advanced) and aspiring to become IITians or NITians. The book is also useful for students who are preparing for KVPY and Olympiads.

The book is also useful for students who are preparing for KVPY and Olympiads. This volume consists of chapter wise challenging questions with detailed explanatory solutions from the following chapters for JEE-


  1. Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  2. Atomic Structure
  3. Gaseous State
  4. Chemical Energetics
  5. Redox & Volumetric Analysis
  6. Chemical Equilibrium
  7. Acid-Base & Ionic Equilibrium
  8. Chemical Kinetics
  9. Nuclear Chemistry
  10. Electro Chemistry
  11. Solid State
  12. Solutions
  13. Surface Chemistry


  1. Periodic Table
  2. Hydrogen Family
  3. P-block Elements (Part-1 Boron & Carbon Family)
  4. S-block Elements
  5. P-block Elements (Part-2 Nitrogen, Oxygen, Halogen & Noble gases)
  6. Salt Analysis
  7. Metallurgy
  8. Co-Ordination Compound
  9. Transitional Elements


  1. Classification & Nomenclature
  2. Isomerism
  3. General Organic Chemistry
  4. Hydrocarbons
  5. Aromatic Chemistry
  6. Halogen Derivatives
  7. Alcohol, Ether & Phenol
  8. Carbonyl Compounds
  9. Carboxylic Acid & Its Derivatives
  10. Nitrogen Compounds, Amines
  11. Carbohydrates, Amino Acid, Protein & Polymers 

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