Career Point, Kota Books for NEET are prepared by the experts who have mentored the aspirants of NEET (previously known as AIPMT) for more than a decade. These books comprise systematic coverage of -

  • Topic-wise relevant theory notes with an explanation as required
  • In-chapter topic wise solved examples to explain the application of concepts and bring concept clarity from the grassroots level
  • Special Notes and Points to remember
  • Miscellaneous Solved examples of NEET
  • Exercise sheets as per the latest pattern
  • Exercise sheets of previous year questions

These books consist of Study Material, in-chapter illustration, solved examples and Exercise Sheets which Career Point provides to its Regular Classroom Course students preparing for NEET in classroom centres.

Study notes cover all key concepts, important points with explanation supported with the in-chapter topic-wise illustrations. These are followed by solved examples to help the student understand the application of concepts in different situations.

At the end of the booklet, there are various levels of exercise sheets which are designed as per the latest examination pattern. Questions in these exercise sheets are arranged scientifically which gradually takes you up to the highest level of performance.

These exercise sheets give rigorous practice & enhance student’s capability to use several concepts of different chapters simultaneously.

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