Handbook of Zoology & Botany Formulae For NEET, KVPY, NTSE, and Olympiads

Many excellent books are available in the market & each of them represents the subject matter in a highly explanatory manner. However, the students preparing for the competitive examinations also need a comprehensive hand-book for quick reference and revision. This hand-book of Zoology & Botany Formulae, therefore, will address this need of students.

This little book is an attempt to present the key concepts in a quick reference format. A student may find this book as a handy aid for gaining rapid insight. Whether a student is doing exercises, homework, or preparing for the tests, this book will give them a quick easy reference.

This book contains most of the key concepts from the syllabus of competitive examination, covering all the topics. Additionally, a systematic index incorporated at the beginning of the hand-book allows a user to locate the required concepts swiftly.

We have tried our best to keep errors out of this book. Though we shall be grateful to the readers if they point out any errors and/or make constructive suggestions.

We wish to utilize the opportunity to place on record our special thanks to all members of the Content Development team for their efforts to create this wonderful book.

Career Point Ltd, Kota (Rajasthan).

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