Chemistry is a problem-solving science and this book enables a student to solve a variety of conceptual real-world problems based on passages. This book is meant to help the students preparing for all types of examinations, particularly the IIT-JEE exam (according to the latest pattern).

Ability to reason in an organized manner is essential to solve Chemistry problems. A strong reasoning ability combined with a good conceptual understanding can be gained with the help of this book.

Through this book, we want to show the students that Chemistry principles come into play over and over again in their lives. Thus, it is always easier to learn something new if it is directly related to our lives. This book also aims at improving knowledge, understanding and the application of concepts.

In the collection of passages, many real-world situations have been incorporated. Efforts have been made to arrange the passages according to the topics of Chemistry mentioned in IIT-JEE syllabus. Apart from classifying the passages according to the topics, certain passages are mentioned as "MISCELLANEOUS PASSAGES". These passages are not based on any specific topics. They test the general scientific understanding. 


  • Quality passages to focus on understanding and application of the fundamentals
  • More than 945 Questions based on 187 passage to test aptitude & analytical ability
  • Complete Coverage of IIT-JEE Syllabus
  • Also Useful of chemistry Olympiads, NTSE and KVPY

Table of Contents

  1. Atomic Structure
  2. Periodic Table
  3. Chemical Bonding
  4. Acid and Base
  5. Mole concept
  6. Oxidation-Reduction
  7. Gaseous State
  8. Solid State
  9. Chemical Kinetics
  10. Chemical Equilibrium
  11. Ionic Equilibrium
  12. Chemical Energetics
  13. Electro Chemistry
  14. Surface Chemistry & Colloidal Solution
  15. Classification & Nomenclature
  16. Isomerism
  17. Reaction Mechanism
  18. Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne
  19. Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  20. Alcohol, Ether and Phenol
  21. Carbonyl Compounds
  22. Carboxylic Acid and Its derivatives
  23. Nitrogen Compounds and Amines
  24. Practical Organic Chemistry
  25. Carbohydrates, Amino Acid, Proteins and Polymers
  26. S-Block Elements
  27. Metallurgy
  28. Boron and Carbon family
  29. Nitrogen Family
  30. Oxygen Family
  31. Halogen Family & Noble Gas
  32. Coordination Compounds and Transition Elements
  33. Salt Analysis

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