Career Point Kota is one of the first institutes of the country to start DPP concepts for its classrooms students considering the daily practice requirement of the students.

Keeping in mind the daily practice needs of the students across the nation at large, we have come up with DPP Books (integrating Daily Practice Problems Sheets). The primary focus of this series is to give gradual and daily practice to students through selected questions. So that they learn and understand the subject while the course progresses, it help students remain engaged and regular in studies.

Practice Problems Sheets having specific questions on various topics of the individual chapter, ensuring the complete Practice of the chapter. It is our strong belief that if students work hard on each of the DPP Sheets he/she can improve his/her learning and master a subject.

At Career Point, we also follow this book in our Classroom Courses.

We have tried our best to keep errors out of this book. Though we shall be grateful to readers who point out any errors and/or make constructive suggestions. We wish to utilize the opportunity to place on record our special thanks to all members of the Content Development team for their efforts to create this wonderful book.

Features of this book

  • Cover all subjects & concepts
  • 1500+ Topic-wise & chapter wise questions
  • Prepared by Career Point Kota experts

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