Whenever a student decides to prepare for any examination, her/his first and foremost curiosity arises about the type of questions that he/she has to face. This becomes more important in the context of JEE Advanced where there is neck-to-neck race. For this purpose, we feel great pleasure to present this book before you. We have made an attempt to provide 42 Years IIT-JEE Mathematics chapter wise questions asked in IIT-JEE /JEE Advanced from 1978 to 2020 along with their solutions.


  • Topic-wise collection of past JEE-Advanced question papers (1978-2020).
  • Each chapter divides the questions into categories (as per the latest JEE Advanced pattern) - MCQ single correct answer, MCQ with multiple correct answers, Passage Based, Assertion-Reason, Integer Answer, Fill in the Blanks, True/False and Subjective Questions.
  • Solutions have been given with enough diagrams, proper reasoning for better understanding.
  • Students must attempt these questions immediately after they complete unit in their class/school/home during their preparation.

Chapters : 43 Years IIT-JEE Mathematics Solved Papers (1978-2020)

  1. Functions
  2. Limits
  3. Continuity & Differentiability
  4. Differentiation
  5. Tangent & Normal
  6. Monotonicity
  7. Maxima & Minima
  8. Indefinite Integration
  9. Definite Integration
  10. Area under the curve
  11. Theory of Equations
  12. Differential Equation
  13. Point & Straight Lines
  14. Circle
  15. Parabola
  16. Ellipse
  17. Hyperbola
  18. Vectors
  19. Coordinate Geometry
  20. Trigonometric ratio & Identities
  21. Trigonometric Equations
  22. Sequences & Series
  23. InverseTrigonometric Functions
  24. Properties of Triangles
  25. Height & Distance
  26. Mathematical Induction
  27. Miscellaneous
  28. Model Test Papers
  29. Complex Numbers
  30. Permutation & Combination
  31. BinomialTheorem
  32. Probability
  33. Determinants
  34. Matrices
  35. Logarithm and their Properties

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