To qualify NEET with a good rank, the student must develop skills to translate knowledge into performance on the examination day. We have observed that many talented students fail in NEET in-spite of having talent, capability, and a strong will to succeed. Due to lack of confidence, poor examination temperament & time management, the insufficient practice of taking an exam in actual examination conditions.

To overcome this, a student should do sufficient practice by taking similar tests several times before the FINAL exam so that student develops all requisite competitive skills to get success in the final examination.

With this objective in mind, we are presenting this book before you containing full syllabus tests as per the latest pattern. These tests will give you an exact feel of the paper before the FINAL test.

Salient features of the book are-

  1. Relevant & high-quality Test Papers prepared by highly experienced faculty members of Career Point to provide real exam like practice.
  2. Detailed solution of each test paper for self-evaluation to cross-check your question-solving approach and highlight your weak areas to improve.
  3. It familiarizes the student with the latest examination trends.
  4. Help students to plan the question paper attempt strategy to bring out the maximum output.
  5. Increases speed & accuracy and builds confidence to face the competitive examination.
  6. Develops sound examination temperament in students to face the competitive examination with a supreme state of confidence to ensure success.

The students are advised to take these tests in the prescribed time limit by creating an exam like environment at home. Additionally, after taking the test, the student should properly analyze the solutions and must think of alternative methods & linkage to the solutions of identical problems. Also, find your weak areas for further improvement. We firmly believe that the book in this form will help a genuinely hardworking student.

We have put our best efforts to make this book error-free. However, if you find errors that may have crept in, and we would appreciate it if brought to our notice. Additionally, we wish to utilize the opportunity to place on record our special thanks to all the members of the Content Development team for their efforts to create this excellent book.

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